About EarthWalk Living

We have always been inspired by life lived softly upon the Earth. From the gers of Mongolian nomads to the tipis of the Plains tribes to modern yurts, tire homes and tiny houses, people can live joyfully and harmoniously in the places they call home. EarthWalk Living isn’t just a business selling low-impact structures for life and enjoyment. It’s a generosity of spirit and dreams, in which we hope your visions and ours can be inspired and brought to life.

EarthWalk Living urges people and communities to live in harmony with the Land.  Join us on a journey of living with the Land, of finding ways to create more harmony, joy, and health for us and all our relations.

May the lives and work of others inspire you to dream.
May your dreams flow to the work of your hands.
May the realities held in heart and hands urge you to share your story.


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